Hi, I'm Kate. I'm a 24-year-old creative human and part-time barista from North Nottinghamshire, England.

I started Battlewind in February 2016 while deciding whether or not to drop out of university (spoiler alert: I did). I was feeling a bit unsure about everything and wanted to do something creative to keep myself busy and distracted. I started by documenting my day-to-day doings in York and then after I dropped out, I moved back home and began to delve into my love of interiors, fashion, and beauty.

I dabble in painting, embroidery, creative writing, and crafts and I'm also a bit of a film and history buff.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog. Feel free to leave me a comment or Tweet me.

(Psst, I'm also on FictionPress and Goodreads if you like words 'n stuff.)

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