Just a tad chilly...

Friday, November 24, 2017

I took these on my way to an important appointment yesterday afternoon. I was a little nervous (I'd never been to this specific place before) so I wandered through somewhere familiar beforehand. This is Worksop Priory - a very beautiful and underrated spot in town that looks its best in autumn, so I made sure to capture it.

The wind has been crazy recently. Combined with bitter cold temperatures, it certainly hasn't been ideal weather to be outside in. At all. I would've preferred to have stayed home today (considering I have a cold and I am incredibly snotty and tired) but alas, I had to go be an adult. Boo.

Today we're decorating the Christmas tree. I know, many of you may be glancing over at your calendar right now thinking 'it's still November, right?' yes, you are correct, but I have an actual legit reason for the tree to go up today that I cannot reveal for maybe another week. Sorry. Very fun and festive photos to come soon!

Have a fabulous weekend.


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