A shopping spree & YouTube binging

Monday, May 01, 2017


It's Bank Holiday Monday, let's celebrate 🎉!

I was lucky enough to be given not only Sunday and today off, but tomorrow and Wednesday too so I'm not back at work until Thursday! I'm chuffed to bits, it's not very often you get this many days off together. I don't have any plans today (everywhere is closed anyway) so I'm probably going to continue my declutter/deep clean from yesterday and maybe do something creative like work on my cross stitch or journal. Who knows, it's only 8am as I'm typing this.

I went to Meadowhall on Friday and spent... uh... quite a bit? I mean, not loads, but a decent amount...

I got a teedresslip balmtwo DVDsblouseconcealerbookmagazinekeyring (which was actually bought for me, because my friends are lovely), and an eyebrow pencil and brow gel.

It was a successful shopping trip. We finished the day off with Five Guys burgers (because it is a sin to leave Meadowhall without having a Five Guys) then headed home.

Lilies I bought for my mum from Flower Hill in Tickhill, Doncaster

I've been watching a stupid amount of YouTube and Netflix recently. YouTube more so - I'm addicted to Drawfee and the Off Topic podcast from Achievement Hunter. Drawfee is the perfect channel if you like watching funny people draw silly stuff (great if you need a pick me up), and Off Topic is basically a bunch of blokes and the odd lady sitting around a table talking about everything under the sun and getting tipsy for 2 hours. A weird premise, but I just love listening to people chatting about random rubbish.

I watch a ton of Sims 4 videos on YouTube and have done for years, but I've been specifically loving builds by Harrie and SophSims lately. Their commentaries are fun to listen to and their builds are so gorgeous and detailed. If you play the Sims or if you just like to watch people build creative stuff, check Harrie and Sophie out.

With Netflix I've been enjoying The Lizzie Borden Chronicles. It's completely wacky and gruesome and I love it.

Oh, and last but not least, I started growing my own strawberries last week. There's nothing much going on with them at the moment, I guess it's early days. I bought the strawberry growing kit from Wilko (no longer on the website) but there is a pepper one left.

Hope you had a glorious Bank Holiday weekend.


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