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Sunday, 16 April 2017


Today I'm going to show you guys some of my favourite hotspots in my hometown - I've managed to narrow it down to a coffee shop, a farm shop, and a beautiful public garden. My hometown of wee Worksop is a fairly nondescript place north of Nottinghamshire but it does have its gems.

The guys at Turo offered me the chance to play tourist in my hometown and I jumped at the opportunity to show you some of my favourite places to visit in the town I grew up in.

Turo, the San-Francisco based car rental company, has recently launched in the UK(!) It's often described as "Airbnb for cars" because you are able to rent other people's cars and make money renting your own too. Already you can find lots of rentals in the big cities like London, Manchester, Birmingham, and Edinburgh, but with the service having just launched over here last December it may take time to expand to more rural areas.

Renting a car from Turo is a cool way of exploring towns and cities because you're renting from a local person and getting a more personalised and exclusive experience. I would really enjoy going on a city break and renting a car from a local because maybe you'll bag yourself something exciting like a Mercedes, an Audi, or something vintage...! There are so many cars already on the website that you can check out here, just type in your location and see what's on offer.

So let's begin with the tour... we'll start with coffee...

1. Piccolo Espresso Bar (website)

Photo credit: Rob Ferrol - piccoloespresso.co.uk

This gem is tucked away at the top of town away from the hustle and bustle of the high street. It's very cosy inside and has huge windows that are perfect for people-watching. This place is more like something you'd find in a trendy part of London so it's great we have something this artisanal in my humble hometown. Pop down to Piccolo for good coffee (so I've been told - I'm not a coffee drinker myself despite being a trained barista, d'oh), good milkshakes (OK I can recommend these), and some yummy cake. Plus it's always great to support independent businesses and I'd love for this place to stay open for as long as possible. It is a very aesthetically pleasing place.

So after you're full up on coffee and cake it's time to take a walk in the park...

2. Memorial Avenue Gardens (website)

Photo credit: Mapio.net

That art deco-looking building above was the old public library. I had many a memory in that building as a kid, I would always go to the library at the weekend with my nan and take a million and one books home with me. If you look closely you will see the new library in the background (you can see its flat roof with the windows). The old library has turned into a wellbeing centre and cafe.

The gardens around here are beautiful and always well-kept. The council do a great job at keeping the flowers nice all year round, and they look after the grass, the trees, and the river that runs alongside it (the river is to the right of the photo behind the library). I love spending time here in the summer (in fact it's gorgeous all year round), you find so many families picnicking near the flowers and playing in the sun, it's a lovely sight.

After a little walk we head in a car to a beautiful place just a little out of the town centre...

3. Welbeck Farm Shop (website)

Photo credit: Punjaban.co.uk and The Harley Gallery

This farm shop is part of the Welbeck Estate alongside an art gallery, a cafe, a garden centre, and an artisan food school(!) It's a goldmine for gorgeous food you simply won't find anywhere else. I specifically recommend the sausage rolls there, and in the summer you must get an ice cream because it's made with the most luxurious cream. Outside you can sit on the grass next to a water feature and bask in the sunshine. There's nothing better, trust me.

Welbeck is nestled in Sherwood Forest so you'll find plenty of countryside walks nearby if you want to spend the day around this area.

Hope you enjoyed the short but sweet tour of my hometown.

If you find a car local to you on Turo, consider renting it for a day trip to the countryside or nearest city and see what there is to explore.


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