Glittery bubble bars & a visit to IKEA

Tuesday, January 03, 2017


I'm starting off this post with the Bling Crosby bubble bar. I ordered this online from the Lush Kitchen on Christmas Day. This bubble bar reminds me so much of Sparkly Pumpkin because of the scent and the fact it's absolutely lathered in glitter (which I used to hate and now love). I used a chunk of this with the Fizzbanger bath bomb and it created the most glorious, citrusy, patchouli-scented soak. If it ever crops up on the Lush Kitchen again, make sure to grab one before they go.

In other news, I went to IKEA yesterday. Why is IKEA so addictive? It makes me want to buy every single storage solution they have. Boxes, compartments, dividers, drawers, shelves, racks... I want it all, and I don't care that I don't have the space. I need all the tiny storage.

I picked up a tablet stand, mattress topper, cushion cover, and a pack of shoe boxes. So boring, I know. I then ended up going to Matalan afterwards and buying a much-needed new duvet and some unnecessary clothing purchases (this top and pair of joggers, shh, no-one needs to know).

I spent too much money yesterday so I'm very much looking forward to going back to work tomorrow and not going shopping every other day out of boredom. Also secretly relieved the Christmas period is over, even though I spent every day from the end of September obsessing over it. I've learnt you can't be too Christmassy too early otherwise the hype dies down real fast. So yeah, it sucks getting back to reality but at the same time I can't wait for all the things to come.

Hope you all had a chill New Year. On NYE I fell asleep at around ten and was woken up at midnight by my neighbour's fireworks, but I didn't mind. It was nice to see the clock turn and wave goodbye to 2016.


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