Indie magazines & Christmas cabins in Sheffield

Thursday, December 08, 2016 Sheffield, UK

I visited my second Christmas market of the season yesterday!

My friend and I were headed to Lincoln initially, but it turns out their Christmas market is only on for four days (boo) and we'd missed it, so we turned to Sheffield instead. I've been wanting to go to Sheffield for months and months - I live nearby, but usually I just stay on the train and head to Meadowhall since it has all my favourite shops in one place. I don't often visit the city centre which is a shame because it's great and it's changed loads since I was last there.

I visited a shop I've been wanting to visit for so long - La Biblioteka, an aesthetically pleasing little store on Pinstone Street that sells indie mags and books (and shares a space with Handpicked Books). I picked up issue 9 of Hole & Corner, and the A/W issue of 91 Magazine. The shop is serious #interiorgoals and the magazines are all so beautifully designed I wish I could've bought them all.

Once we'd walked off our dinner (a classic ol' McDonalds, of course), we had churros (mine smothered in Belgian chocolate 🍫) and wandered around some more, listening to the Christmas music blaring out and generally enjoying the vibe. Sheffield is a fab city, I should really go more often. Next time I'm there I need to check out Moonko and basically every vintage/indie shop around the Devonshire/Division Street area.

If you're ever in Sheffield, make sure to swing by La Biblioteka. It's worth a visit.


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