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Monday, October 03, 2016

The lovely people over at Loot Crate have been looking for people to put together ideas for a Dream Crate - I jumped at the chance to curate my own crate full of cool nerd stuff. It was an immediate 'hell yes'. If you don't know what Loot Crate is, keep reading...


Loot Crate is a subscription box service that provides its subscribers with awesome geeky products every month. It's described as being "Comic-Con in a box" (source) which sums it up perfectly. Check out their past crates to see what they've sent out in previous months.

There's also a possibility that someone's dream crate will be selected to become a reality!

I went with the theme 'Ladies' for my dream crate because I wanted to represent the fabulous female characters that we know and love from comics, sci-fi, and fantasy. There are six Marvel-ous (ha-ha, I did a pun) items in my dream crate. Check them out below!

I became a fan of Star Trek through JJ Abrams' 2009 release, so I'm only really a 'Trekkie' through the new films, which might be considered sacrilege to hardcore fans of the original series. I have watched a few episodes of the OS, but I never watched it as a kid and I hardly ever see it on TV anymore, so it's not something I can easily access.

My favourite characters - in the movies and the OS - are Uhura and Spock. I'm not a fan of them as a couple (gasp) but I love them individually. I have a Spock Pop! figure already (he stands in between Hermione Granger and Finn from TFA at the moment) so Uhura would be in my dream crate so I could have my two Trek faves side by side on my shelf.

STATIONERY: HARRY POTTER: Hermione Granger sticker pack by ATinyMew

Hermione themed stickers! Hermione Granger is an epic lady in a very cool series and I love her. I watched the Harry Potter movies constantly as a young 'un, and obviously still do. The movies are my go-to in the winter - there's something cosy and festive about them, does anyone else think this? Hermione has always been my favourite, no other character has ever compared.

I've only read two Harry Potter books (I know, that is sacrilege) but I'm slowly working my way through the rest.

I've included these stickers because not only do I love Hermione Granger and pretty much anything Harry Potter related, I love stationery and stickers were my jam as a kid. Who am I kidding, they're still my jam.

Because David Tennant was my first Doctor, Rose Tyler was therefore my first companion. Rose will always be my favourite companion, nobody else can compare. I liked Donna a lot, but Rose was still number 1. Doomsday always comes to mind when I think of Rose. Possibly the saddest episode of anything ever. And the episode where Rose gets to be with the clone of the Doctor and everything is perfect for a bit. Ahhh.

I really liked the vintage tattoo design of this print - it's cool and different and would look so awesome framed. If I had the space I would genuinely have this on my bedroom wall. Plus, it's subtle enough to look nice in any room with any scheme.

CLOTHING: GAME OF THRONES: Mother of Dragons t-shirt by Tmeprinting

Game of Thrones is obviously my biggest obsession. I've talked about GoT a lot on the blog already, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that I've managed to squeeze in something Thrones related. Daenerys is the most recognisable lady in GoT in my opinion. She owns the show, and she certainly dominates most of book 1 by marrying a Khal and inheriting some dragon eggs. So badass.

This t-shirt is subtle yet powerful - Thrones fans will probably be more impressed by this shirt's slogan, but still. It's a cool top with a bold statement and I figured it would suit just about anyone which is why I've included it in my crate.

STATIONERY: STAR WARS THE FORCE AWAKENS: Rey "The Scavenger" hardcover journal in white by Kartsize

I kinda knew I'd love Rey when I went to see TFA. She's such an excellent character - I'm so glad she was written in the way she was, and I'm so glad she defied so many stereotypes and cliches. Rey is an actual ray of sunshine (sorry, another pun). I'm not a fan of the older Star Wars movies (sacrilege yet again), but TFA was pure magic for me. This new series will be my series, and I'm so pumped to see the upcoming films.

I love the clean, uncomplicated, and kind of sophisticated look to this hardcover journal. It's different to a lot of the garish Star Wars merch you find in most shops and I'd die of joy if I got my hands on this in a crate.

I was drawn to this cute kawaii mug because it reminds me of the Marvel Disney Tsum Tsums that were released earlier this year. I managed to snag Captain America, Black Widow, and the Hulk when those were released. I just thought this mug was really cute and it's not very often you see Black Widow merch since, you know, there was a whole hoo-hah about Disney not including Black Widow in their Avengers merch back in 2015. I wish Black Widow was included in more merch because young Marvel fans (not just girls) look up to her and it's a shame to leave her out when she plays such a crucial role in the Avengers.

Hope you all enjoyed my Dream Crate choices - I had so much fun picking all the products and gushing about my favourite characters.

If you could put together your own Dream Crate, what items would you choose?


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